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Get a custom music track for the price of a music license.

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We have a music library where every element of the track is fully customizable to your creative needs,

with a quick turnaround.

With our extensive music library, you have the power to fully customize

every element of your track to perfectly suit your creative vision.

Whether it's adjusting instrumentals, tweaking vocals, adding vocals with your message or Brand name, or fine-tune stems, we've got you covered.

And the best part? We offer a quick turnaround time,

so you can get your custom track in no time including 30-second, 60-second, and full versions, making it ideal for TV and radio spots, online ads, and more.

Send us an email with your brief or call us

We will send you a custom Playlist in no time

Once you've selected your track, our team will work closely with you to ensure it's customized exactly the way you need it

Send your Brief here

or call direct at 818-774-1441

Dance Electronica

Contemporary, Fast-paced, Underground, Club, Rhythmic,

Sleek, Crowd, House, Techno, Energizing, Pumping, Ambient Techno, Trance

Tropical Touch

Urban, Caribbean, Party, Reggaeton, Sexy, Beat, Hot, Sweaty, Hip-Hop, Latinx,

Dembow, House, Trap, Young Latino, Contemporary, Remix, Crossover, Fusion

Light and Fun

Happy, Upbeat, Positive, Fun, Humorous, Quirky, Amusing, Uplifting, Funny,

Optimistic, Good, Sassy, Wacky, Off The Wall, Cheery.


New sounds and wild musical explorations 

from the hottest Latin Indie Alternative artists and bands 

in the US and Latin America.

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CONTACT US AT: or call 818-774-1441

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