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MUSIC: The experienced voice of Indart Music and Sound Productions.

Updated: Dec 5, 2022


Daniel Indart is a true veteran of his craft. Composer, writer and producer, specializing in music for film, television, records and advertising. Many and varied are the projects that this Venezuelan has successfully collaborated on in the American advertising market.

Graduated Magna Cum Laude from Berklee College of Music in Boston, Indart created Indart Music and Sound Productions in 1986, a company that has distinguished itself in the field of music for advertising. They have produced award winning pieces for companies such as AT&T, Coors Brewing Co., Procter & Gamble, Disney, Bank of America, McDonald’s and Toyota, among others. Indart Music and Sound Productions has been recipient of Belding awards, Sunny Achievement Award, Se Habla Español Communications Awards and Telly Awards.

“I started in Los Angeles in 1986”, Daniel recalls. “I was an artist at the time, writing and singing. I never imagined writing music for commercials. It all started by accident: I was doing some demos for a client, who showed my music to a friend, who called me to write music for a Coors campaign.”

“That turned out great,” he recalls. “So much so that Coors Brewing Co. asked me to work on their national campaign and that’s when I started my company. Music for commercials is functional; it must be practical; it must sell the campaign message in 30 seconds and it must support the visuals,” states Daniel. “Sometimes agencies or the client call to ask for something specific, even including samples of music that they’ve been brainstorming and have decided on, and they ask me to do something similar. Other times they will send a storyboard and ask me to write something for their presentation.”

In the beginning Daniel did it all. But in 20 years the company has grown enough to armor itself with a team of great composers. “Personally, I feel more comfortable in the Latin genre. But here we do everything; lots of hip-hop and rap; fusion electronica with Caribbean music, and mariachi. And lately, lots of reggaeton.”

Indart Music and Sound Productions works for the general market as much as the hispanic market in the United States. Their most recent campaigns include Mini Cooper and Chevy. “Stylistically, in the last few years, music creativity for commercials has changed a great deal. It used to be the typical jingle formula, with the vocals at the end singing the brand. Now sound design is what is more widely being used and there is less of the singing jingle. In fact, it’s been years since I’ve had to do a jingle. I use human voices basically for effect.”

Indart Music and Sound Productions, Tarzana, California

T +1-818-774-1441

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