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Updated: May 13

Indart Music joins Oscar winner director Alejandro Iñarritu on his latest film: BARDO

INDART MUSIC licensed a number of songs for Alejandro Iñarritu's new film.

"With echoes of Fellini’s “8 ½” and some of Iñárritu’s favorite Latin American magical realist authors — Jorge Luis Borges, Juan Rulfo, Gabriel García Márquez — “Bardo” reflects the inner journey of both the man on the screen and the man behind the camera. The film is a series of rapturous images, threaded together by subconscious logic."

Los Angeles Times

"In Alejandro G. Iñárritu’s sprawling, intensely personal new film, a prominent journalist grapples with work, family, metaphysics and the paradoxes of Mexican history."

The New York Times

“With Iñárritu’s strong history at the Oscars, the film is likely to be one of NETFLIX’s biggest Oscar contenders of the year."



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